David Hall

Cabinet Maker, Antique Restorer & Artist

My Paintings

David Hall

I have been in the furniture trade since 1974 and restoring antiques of all types since 1979.

I now work from a small workshop in Wittersham on the Isle of Oxney in Kent where I have been since 1990.

I have always taken great pride in my work and everything I make is of the highest standard.

dogroseMy signature is a dog rose, which you will find carved somewhere on each item of furniture.

I work in any material even the dreaded MDF, which is ideal for veneered and painted furniture, native hard woods, oak, ash, cherry etc.

I tend to cut and dry myself that way I can bring the timber down to the perfect moisture content for any given job.

In 2002 my wife gave me a set of oil paints for Christmas which sat in a drawer for 12 months, but after a conversation with my two sisters who both paint in watercolour I decided to give it go.

Encouraged by my first efforts, I started to paint views of the countryside around me which I have always had a great love of. One of my first paintings sold at a charity auction and raised £460 which staggered me, the buyer also commissioned me to paint a view of Fairfield Church on the Romney Marsh.

Since then I have had other commissions and painted any subject that catches my eye.