David Hall

Cabinet Maker, Antique Restorer & Artist

height of mannequins is 64 inches

The Half Penny Mannequin is an exact copy of a Victorian Artists Mannequin, the only difference being the original was 16 inches ( 40 cm ) tall whereas the Half Penny Mannequin is 5 ft 4 inches (163 cm ) tall.

ball joint coin

Ball Joints

The Mannequins ball joints enable the body to be put into any position possible by the human body. As in the picture, the Mannequin will stand on its own two feet, but to prevent accidents each Mannequin is supplied with an attractive steel stand.


The Half Penny Coin

Each Mannequin has a coin based on the old half penny in its right hand. On the coin is a small boat which is the emblem of Wittersham, on the Isle of Oxney in Kent, where the Mannequins are made. Above the boat is a serial number relating to each Mannequin.


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