David Hall

Cabinet Maker, Antique Restorer & Artist

david hallBorn March 13 1958 in the small village of Upton Hampshire. Moved to the Isle of Oxney, Kent. In the spring of 1969. Attended  primary school in Wittersham and then secondary school in Tenterden. Left school in 1974 at sixteen with no qualifications. Served a four year apprenticeship as a Cabinet Maker with a firm in Ashford and studied for City and Guilds at the Hertfordshire College of Building and Further Education in St Albans which I passed with distinction.

I spent the next five years teaching myself Antique Restoration and in 1984 became a full time restorer for an Antique shop in Rye East Sussex.

In 1992 I left to become self-employed at my workshop in Wittersham as a maker of high quality Bespoke Furniture and Antique Restorer. Including carving / turning and anything else I could turn my hand to.

In 2002 my wife gave me a set of oil paints for Christmas which sat in a drawer for 12 months, but after a conversation with my two sisters who both paint in watercolour I decided to have give it go.

Encouraged by my  first efforts I started to paint views of the countryside around me which I have always had a great love of. One of my first paintings sold at a charity auction and raised £460 which staggered me, the buyer also commissioned me to paint a view of Fairfield Church on the Romney Marsh.

Since then I have had other commissions and painted any subject that catches my eye.

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